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  “Hey, maybe we will be allocated into the same room.” Shurui Wang said to me on the bus to chiu-ling Mountains.


  In the early morning the sun came out and lit up the sky.




  “Oh maybe”. I said when I was sitting by the window and watching the dull and bustling city which gradually disappeared with the lengthy night, just as the fallen leaves and dust gone with the wind. Not only the flowers and plants along the roadside were more and more luxuriant, but also birds and beasts were appearing.


  After a long journey, with the leader teacher said “arriving”, we finally reached the Chiu-ling Mountains Natural Reserve.


  Chiu-ling Mountains was located in northwest Jiangxi province, between Xiuhe Lake and Jinjiang River, with Xiushui in the north, Wanzai in the south, Lianyunshan mountain in the west and Nanchang city in the east.


  This place has lofty mountains with high ranges,clean stream, torrent, cliff and crags. Besides, you could also see centuries-old trees reaching up towards the sky. At the same time, the eagles were flying and butterfly were dancing around, combine with the decoration of fresh grasses and wood, swimming fishes and flying insects which forms picturesque and stunning view.




  Not unexpectedly, we were separate into the same room.


  I just put down my luggage. When I was still obsessed with the appearance of Chiu-ling Mountains unable to extricate myself, I heard our leading teacher said “let's go.” I hurried with him and grabbed the camera and then moved on.


  Cute pierid,slender grasshopper,white froghopper,lucid and lively brook can be seen everywhere.


  “Look, caterpillar.” I didn't know who shouted that. Teacher Qingjiang rushed over to look “Ha, this is not a caterpillar, this is a papilio larva. You see, it doesn't has thorn, it feels soft. When it encounters a natural enemy, it can put out a pair of tentacles in its head to scare off the natural enemy.”





  After a while, we came to a stream. Teacher Qingjiang picked up a little thing “look, a Bufo Melanostictus Schneider.” He said it when he was holding a small black toad about 4-5centimetre in size in his hand and let us to see. This little toad which is small and exquisite and has black charcoal skin is extremely lovely.


  At about two'o clock in the afternoon, we go forward with great strength and vigor all the way.


  Verdant katydid, flamboyant Papilio, pink plant hopper, multicolored cockchafer, there are so many kinds and beyond count.





  There are verdant Ducetia Japonica along the road. They were just like a group of old people who were going for a walk and playing chess after meal. They were eating moss and grass leisurely and it were crawling around. The beetles in red and green were crawling around between the leaves. They were just like painters and they had all the colors of the rainbow and a riot of colors. Brown mantis were just like ninja, it was standing motionless on the grass, and its head went up and down from side to side. Two large knives were kept at waist. Sometimes it moves its body to play mantis boxing. Pink plant hopper was just like a shy girl. If you look at her from the left side she hide to the right side. If you look at her from the right side she hide to the left side. Powerful Cicindela Aurulenta laid across the road with an impregnable armor of copper red and iron blue. It had a pair of tusk rattled, just like a gentleman of the pad. Even mantis had to avoid it.



  ▲绿缘扁角叶甲 ▲蛾蜡蝉



  ▲八星虎甲 ▲丽叩甲


  Everyone talked and laughed, we returned to the dormitory unconsciously.


  Dinner time was over. The sun had already been swallowed up by night, and a few scattered stars were hanging in the sky and blinking.


  The dusk of the sun lit up stars one by one with its last strength, but it fell and disappeared.




  After a period of time, our leading teacher set up a calico, he turned on the powerful light, ready to lure insects by light.


  “Tonight we are going to invite insects from all over the world, open an insect event. Perhaps we will lure the legendary Cheirotonus Jansoni Jordan.” Qingjiang teacher said that with confidence. Everyone got their nets and boxes, we are itchy to try.



  ▲绿绢异丽金龟 ▲小型条螽


  When the lights was turned on, the whole yard was illuminated in a glance. In the beginning, only mosquitoes and small moths entered. A few minutes later, some tiny Cetonia aurata and katydid arrived, and then, powerful Cicindela aurulenta during the daytime, simple low-key noctuid came in rush because of the message. The insects who were the last to arrive were large katydid who was always slow,vicious Protohermes costalis and domineering big Lucanidae. Large moths with different colors. Those who were late were Antherea pernyisir who was newly eclosioned.Gorgeous and cold Acromantis formosana. Miss. Austere ,low-key Statilia maculata laddie.



  ▲云斑白条天牛 ▲星齿蛉


  This great event because the amounts of insect were uncountable, it broke the ice. The insects jumped up and down, flying from left to the right. You squeeze me I squeeze you. They pushed and shoved and got in a flap.


  Scarabaeoidea hasn't climbed for some times,it was squeeze by plenty of moths. Tiger beetle flew hither and thither, it couldn't found a place.It was squeeze by overwhelming moths.Their appearance of fierce-looking and powerful have gone.Katydid laid on the cloth slowly and let other insect bullied itself. It seems like this party had nothing to do with him.The carbon black Elateroidea was climbing slowly on the cloth, it seems like it was looking for something.Large moths were in control, it watched the dispute in silence. Mantis is insects who loved secluded,they didn't like get into a fight, so they quit the event naturally.


  After the event,some people caught Lucanidae, some people caught tiger beetles and others caught mantis. My friend Wang Shurui and I caught more than ten fireflies in a row, we put them in plastic bags and brought them back to the dormitory, so that we could play “devil and fire” and return to the dormitory for a rest.


  We went back to the dormitory, turned off the lights and went to bed. The house was dark at first, suddenly, there was a yellow and green light flashing, it was flickering. A few minutes later, two, three, four ..... More than 10 fireflies were glittering together, just like a silent ball. They have lifted my spirits and Shurui’s. “I haven't expect to see such a beautiful scenery at night. It's like we are standing in a forest.” Before my voice had died away we did not know how a firefly came out. It flew straight over the room and turned around. The gorgeous light dazzled both of us.


  In dream, we were accompanied by fireflies and then fell asleep .....


  Second day, in the early morning, we packed up our bags and took the bus to the next protection station.


  After a moment, the sun hung pretty high in the sky, after a instant, the sun set. The brilliant stars in the sky guides our progress. Tonight is the long-awaited activity called “Stream Ecosystem Survey” . Several leading teachers, Mr. Qinggi, Mr. Yuan and Mr. Changbao who was stationmaster, led us to go deep into the stream and made some on-the-spot investigations.


  “Look, a Odorrana schmackeri.” Said teacher Qingjiang, he was pointing to a frog in palm size with dark green body, dark brown limbs and had spots on its body on the ground. If you lie down on the ground to see him, you will find the frog tilting its head and it was expressionless, wearing a green striped fur coat,sitting there like a elegant noble, and it ignoring us.I quickly took out my camera and recorded its face.





  At this time, a 5-6 cm long Hylarana latouchii jumped out of the grass. Everyone looked at it from above carefully. It was dark yellow. From the side, there was a thick brown thread connecting from its head to the buttocks. From the front, it lowered its head, it twisted its feet, it was ready to jump out at anytime.





  “Look Fejervarya multistriata.” Teacher qingjiang convened us. The frogs seem to have agreed to go out for a walk. They are uneven, dark green and light brown, and seem to have moss growing on their bodies. If they hide in the grass, the color of protection was impeccable. If you gaze carefully into his watery eyes, you will find that there is another world in it...


  “Look, there's a frog! Frog! " I suddenly screamed and pointed at the left side of the road with a flashlight.Its body was so low but it could not escape from my eyes.A round bufo gargarizans moves slowly and looked approaching seventy years of age.


  I came to the stream unconsciously. As far as I could see, the stream was still playing and laughing, it was moving in and out of the rocks. And the stone has become silent because of the wash by merciless years and rippling water.





  “Yo, a lot of Neocaridina denticulata!” I watched the Neocaridina denticulata swimming in the stream, which seemed swum along without companies and have no place to go.Under the moonlight, they disappeared into crevasses and were covered with stones, and sometimes they swam to the surface of the water, they swimming up and down which were pretty lovely and lively.


  “Look, Palaemonidae!” Wang Shurui shone a torch at the bottom of the water. Well, three or five prawns were crawling under the water like lawn mowers. We look again, the colors of Palaemonidae are different. Some of them were orange-red, some of them were blue-white, some of them were beige, and some were indigo-purple. I guess this is because of the different living environment cause the body color so different.





  Some were turning sand in the beach to find rotten flesh and rotten leaves; some were drilling in and out of the cracks to find small fish to eat; some were hiding in the cracks of the rocks and waiting for prey to come to their doors...


  “Snake!” I didn’t know which child shouted, and then countless scattered lights swept up on the stone beach.


  Teacher Qingjiang and I rushed over,we took out the camera "click click" and took pictures. The snake was like a deserter, it was rushing to the depths of the forest. Teacher Qingjiang and I were eager to catch up and wanted to see its appearance. The deserter wandered among the weeds and rocks, but it was like wandering on the smooth surface of the water, it was twisting and winding, and soon disappeared.


  “It's a Sinonatrix percarinata.” Mr. Jam Jun looked everything into his eyes and said softly. Indeed, snakes live near streams in forest areas. They hunt fishes and frogs. In midsummer, they hunt cold-water fish near streams and crawl in winding ways. Today, we may disturbed it, it have not eat dinner, it saw the overwhelming crowd and then run, so it can be seen that snakes will not take the initiative to attack people.





  At this time, there was a Amolops torrentis on the stone in the stream. “The pie in the sky.” I thought excitedly, because this frog was hard to meet. I took pictures without saying a word.


  “Here's a Amolops torrentis!” I shouted and asked my companions to come and watch.


  No one answered with a few shouts. I looked up and there was nobody beside me. The army has gone forward. I took pictures and forgot the time.


  Suddenly, a fear flooded through my body. I stood in the middle of the running water and watched the seemingly smooth but turbulent water around me which were like hundreds of tiny dragons, crossing the cracks of stones and scouring my overshoes, which could push me down at any time. On the rocky beach, the clattering streams are still flowing smoothly; under the moonlight, the water surface is covered with silver waves. Hear the sound of water, it was such as wearing jade rings, watching the moonlight, it was like pearls broken silver. I was standing in river, there are ancient trees around, I was lonely, sad and cold. It was particularly quiet, it's dark on all around, silent in all directions, only the stars, the moon and the sound of streams, accompanying me around...


  Suddenly, I was deeply shocked and respected, thanks for the stream for allowing me to stay here. The stream did not speak. It seemed to acquiesce in my thanks and continued to talk and play with itself.


  Is running water, seems to be talking?


  I hurried to keep up my pace with the army and continue to look for the surprises that nature has left us.


  “Everyone turns off the flashlight now, calm down, watch and listen to the rest of your side!” In a word, everyone turned off the flashlight in a hurry.


  Slowly, some mantis and crickets began to play pleasant strings; then, many frogs began to play up and down orchestral music, which was also mixed with the voice of the leading horn owl, and a natural symphony began to be lively; slowly, there were appearing another accompanying dance on the stage: fireflies. They danced, flew up and down. The brilliant golden band of light dotted green, like stars that lost its way, wandering around... We are surrounded by a lot of yellow and green gemstones, they were shining, they guided the way home that we go home...





  In my dream, I fell asleep with stars and streams...


  With the sun's footsteps of the next day, I returned to Nanchang by bus and stepped back into the monotonous city.


  Thanks for Jiulingshan for giving me a silent lesson!

  撰写: Tom

  摄影: Tom

  翻译: Annie Alice

  编辑: Jane

  朗读: Alice

  主编: Jane

  总编: Gary








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