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  Hello everyone, it’s me again! This time I was invited to share my journey of creating my version of the Namiya General Store.


  I accidentally conceived the idea of my pain-relieving store during a conversation. When I was discussing the idea, I was already over-excited because I felt that I was particularly suitable for this work, and besides, I always wanted to do it. Thus, I immediately started to work on the idea! We are, of course, passionate about doing everything that we love. Shortly afterward, I have signed up for a mailbox address, made some posters, and finally determined the name. However, this idea wasn’t called a relief store at first. I thought about a lot of strange names, such as Anonymous VS Anonymous. Wanting to promote anonymous inquiries and anonymous replies, I have been very anxious about a name that not only can attract attention, but also one that has the nameless ideal embodied. Finding the right choice was a long and hard torture. After consulting my friends, we finally voted for the “Store of Relief” on a dark and windy night.

  迷茫是必经之路 我将全力奔跑

  为什么称这段时期为迷茫期呢?刚在学校张贴海报的那刻,小编特别胸有成竹地对自己说:“肯定没问题,到时候邮箱绝对爆满。” 然而,一周过去了空空如也的邮箱直接往小编头上浇了一盆冰水。加上不少同学和老师的议论,也让小编开始怀疑自己,是不是应该继续坚持做下去?做这件事到底有没有意义?那段时间我特别迷茫,也没有心情去管解忧杂货铺,就把它扔那了。可是后来又一想,既然已经做了就不能这样半途而废,要不然那也太没面子了,Although no one knows me. 哈哈哈,于是小编就写了一篇推文,想让大家深入了解下解忧杂货铺,这也是上一篇文章的由来。

  Why was I lost initially? When covering the school with my posters, I was especially confident: “This is it! My mailbox will be stuffed with letters soon.” However, I was kicked in the shins when I found my mailbox empty for the whole week. Along with the gossips of many students and teachers, I began to doubt myself. Should I continue? Is this meaningful? I was particularly confused back then, and I had neither the desire nor the energy to manage my store. I nearly gave up. But it occurred to me that, though no one knew who I am, it would be total shame on me if I had not continued. Consequently, I wrote the last blog post to familiarize everyone with the store.

  收到投稿 抑制不住的激动


  On the night when the blogpost came out, three people had submitted their inquiries to me. This is the most exciting moment in my life!!! That night, all of a sudden, I heard a “ding” sound of the computer, and a window popped up, indicating an unread e-mail. I screamed right after I checked on the mailbox. “Cheers, I have received the letters. I have made it!” I just can’t calm myself, so I was jumping all over my home. To tell you the truth, I cried happily at the moment when I saw the e-mail, feeling that all the hard work had paid itself. I wrote replies to all these unknown friends thankfully. Thank you all for your trust.







  What I want the most is that my responses can help you. That leaves me both satisfaction and joy. Although my Namiya General Store is relatively low-profile and mysterious, it is always there, welcoming everyone to submit inquiries at any time. Once more, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have mailed me: you are my biggest motivation. Thank you all very much!


  Ps: Wanting to know who I am? Add QQ:2221992136. Everyone can ask questions, and I will answer honestly!





  朗读:Richard Cathy










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